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New Map & Early Progress

13/10/2014 20:10
So, you probably all know that my stupidly cheap host went down the drain. Probably because they were stupidly cheap. I expect you also know that I've decided to make a new map for Odervon, as, the original is honestly just a messy, vauge outline of what I originally wanted, with the only redeeming...

Update Changelog

26/03/2014 17:15
    After Shard Gaming (AKA Daddycheese) went bust, I found that there were various ingame problems I had to fix in Odervon. These took quite a while to fix. After, I had to spend a while looking around for a new host, which took a couple of weeks. Then, there were a load of control...

Downtime Update #4

12/03/2014 14:35
So, I thought I should make a proper aritcle explaining what's going on with the hosting problems.   Some of you guys seem to have got the impression that I'm finding it hard to find any hosts willing to be of use to me. While I do really appreciate how eager you are to help, it's not hard to...

Downtime Update #3

25/11/2013 19:09
        After a lot of fiddling, troubleshooting, trial & error, and ragequitting, I've got this working properly. I think. It seems to be accurate most of the time, and it seems to be able to cope with the player chucking a lot of money into it very...

Downtime Update #2

22/11/2013 20:42
            After doing some work on setting up custom villagers, I realised that it's pointless to keep using this trading system. It would be perfect, exept, due to a very werid bug, villagers that are contained seem to have a chance of despawning whenever the world...

Downtime Update

14/11/2013 17:29
          A quick update on the server downtime: Ajnin123 has let me know about another server hosting company, which is very good value. Although Odervon will have a new IP, and be run on a new server, it should be back online fairly soon, but I will delay hiring the new...

Server Downtime

13/11/2013 17:50
      The hosting company that Odervon uses (Shard Gaming) has ceased trading (I assume that a deadline for a debt they had to pay was suddenly pushed forward, leaving them without enough time to get the funds to pay it off).   The save file for Odervon is now safely on my HDD,...

New IP

24/09/2013 18:57
Odervon now uses the IP Apologies for any inconvenience.

Update Changelog

23/08/2013 18:52
The server has a new update, which includes these major changes: Health no longer regenerates naturally Health and regen potions can be used, but access to them is restricted to doctors, who may sell or give them to other players. Nausea potions can now be used, but access to them is restricted...

The Server is up & Running!

02/04/2013 14:14
Odervon is now fully functional again, and it's working better than ever, thanks to the lack of plugins! Also, I have recently replaced the (rather crude) box in 'Apply Here' with a more professional form.
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