Re: questions

Robbietalk | 15/01/2015

Hey Ryan! My snarky reply is that I certainly won't be travelling back in time to setup the server hosting, I shall have many epic battles with compatibility issues, latency, etc, and I fully intend to still be alive by the time it's set up :P

My proper, boring response is that I can't fully answer all of those things yet, but here's my current best attempt:
1. I'm not fully decided, but if it goes either way, it will be very far in the future. That said, it is also quite possible that this will be a totally fresh start; the past and the future may be either new or non-existent, or a mix of new and old.
2. No battles are planned.
3. My character will likely be re-imagined as a fairly different creature, with more depth behind him, and his previous iterations will likely be lost and forgotten in the mists of time.

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