Odervon is a unique, Minecraft, RPG.

We are a small server, as we prefer quality over quantity. 



Odervon's focus is not on combat. Rather, it focuses on letting players be a character, rather than just use their character's tools and weapons.


The difficulty is Hard with monsters and natural health regen off, so although you have to take care to keep a good food supply, and work to get "medication", you won't be interrupted by monsters while trying to Roleplay.



IP: Offline


Email: odervon@hotmail.com






[Robbietalk] [Server Owner]

[Ajnin123] [Admin]

[Midget321] [Admin]

[debugman18] [Member]

[Tambien_Sinclair] [Member]

[Revan_333] [Member]

[rmth98] [Member]

[extraice9] [Member]

[Zenzon101] [Trial Member]

[old_survivor] [Trial Member]

[Wolfenman1013] [Trial Member]

[RageLasting] [Trial Member]

[Rixopod] [Trial Member]

[9 free slots]




Re: Re: Re: Will I need to create a new character

zenzon101 | 20/01/2015

ok thank for the info. also are we still looking for more people because my brother is still bothering me to try and get him on the site. so would it be ok if i helped him fill out an application. he apparently is now admin on ten servers so i think he's trying to make up for when he was a griefer?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Will I need to create a new character

Robbietalk | 20/01/2015

I'm not looking for members while the server's offline, especially as I don't know how long it'll be before it's back up.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Will I need to create a new character

Zenzon | 21/01/2015

Ok. Just thought I'd ask for him.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Will I need to create a new character

Midget [Admin] | 14/02/2015

what Robbie is trying to tell you... Is that he plans on killing us all so it's ok don't worry :P

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Will I need to create a new character

( rmth98 ) | 26/02/2015

he's trying to kill us all? shame on you Robbie! not for trying, but for allowing midget to figure it out!


( rmth98 ) | 14/01/2015

so, I've accumulated a few questions, but I'll contain them to two or three for your sake :p , I NEED to know if the server recreation will be in the future or in the past, and by how far ( if possible ) as I'm starting to get a more general idea of the character I will be using, and wish to know what could reasonably be placed into his story. secondly, any possible great battles you may have thought up, and finally, if your own character would still e alive, or if you would create a new toon as some ancestor/descendant of him. ( also HELLO! I've not spoken for a while, my apologies! )

Re: questions

Robbietalk | 15/01/2015

Hey Ryan! My snarky reply is that I certainly won't be travelling back in time to setup the server hosting, I shall have many epic battles with compatibility issues, latency, etc, and I fully intend to still be alive by the time it's set up :P

My proper, boring response is that I can't fully answer all of those things yet, but here's my current best attempt:
1. I'm not fully decided, but if it goes either way, it will be very far in the future. That said, it is also quite possible that this will be a totally fresh start; the past and the future may be either new or non-existent, or a mix of new and old.
2. No battles are planned.
3. My character will likely be re-imagined as a fairly different creature, with more depth behind him, and his previous iterations will likely be lost and forgotten in the mists of time.

Re: Re: questions

( rmth98 ) | 17/01/2015


thanks for the information you've managed to provide, I will keep it in mind when flushing out details of the character

Merry Christmas

Midget [Admin] | 23/12/2014

Hey folks,

I just thought i'd stop by and wish you all a Merry Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and get loads of awesome gifts, wish you all the best guys.


Jks take your time buddy XD

Re: Merry Christmas

Zenzon | 27/12/2014

I miss the server

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