Odervon is a unique, Minecraft, RPG.

We are a small server, as we prefer quality over quantity. 



Odervon's focus is not on combat. Rather, it focuses on letting players be a character, rather than just use their character's tools and weapons.


The difficulty is Hard with monsters and natural health regen off, so although you have to take care to keep a good food supply, and work to get "medication", you won't be interrupted by monsters while trying to Roleplay.



IP: Offline


Email: odervon@hotmail.com






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Had there been any progress on the map?

Zen | 18/12/2014

Hey Robbie just checking to see how the map was coming. Also will there be an update soon? GO ODERVON FTW.

stopping by!

( rmth98 ) | 12/12/2014

as I often find myself checking in, I thought it best to drop you a message so, hello everyone!

Re: stopping by!

Robbietalk | 14/12/2014

Hey Ryan! How're you doing?

Re: Re: stopping by!

( rmth98 ) | 19/12/2014

I am doing swell, missed your comment as I have been busy of late. I have had several wonderful building ideas, and no canvas to build them on, so how're you doing?

Re: Re: Re: stopping by!

Robbietalk | 20/12/2014

Good to hear :).
I've been up and down, thanks, I'm kinda grappling with bad sleeping patterns and health problems, but I'm kinda getting them under control now, and I've also been getting into some new hobbies, so it's not all bad. Still working away at Odervon, of course ;D

To Revan...

Robbietalk | 30/11/2014

Hey Revan, earlier in the month I tried a couple of times to Email you, but I'm guessing you haven't seen them, maybe you could send me an email with an account you use more? Thanks.

Re: To Revan...

Revan_333 | 30/11/2014

Heyo, I saw those emails don't you worry! I've just been real damn busy...

hows the map?

zen | 15/11/2014

hey Robbie just was wondering what the map looks like now after about a month and about how much longer it will take to finish. I mean I'd be willing to come on and help if you can make it so i can?

Re: hows the map?

( rmth98 ) | 18/11/2014

not to be terribly rude zen, but I do believe eh said he would release official updates on the website when any significant progress had been made.

I see your up to something Robbie!

Revan_333 | 03/11/2014

Hello all! I haven't been here for a long long time, and I was feeling very nostaglic just now and decided to see what's in business.

(This is very silly of me because I got a Formal Chemistry report due tommorow and im starting now! University... Why I dislike thee)

Anyways, Hope to be online when the new maps comes up and also I'm still keeping my promise of donating!! I can pay via amazon! or steam... but Credit might take some time longer. Take care everybody! Signed.


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