Odervon is a unique, Minecraft, RPG.

We are a small server, as we prefer quality over quantity. 



Odervon's focus is not on combat. Rather, it focuses on letting players be a character, rather than just use their character's tools and weapons.


The difficulty is Hard with monsters and natural health regen off, so although you have to take care to keep a good food supply, and work to get "medication", you won't be interrupted by monsters while trying to Roleplay.



IP: Offline


Email: odervon@hotmail.com






[Robbietalk] [Server Owner]

[Ajnin123] [Admin]

[Midget321] [Admin]

[debugman18] [Member]

[Tambien_Sinclair] [Member]

[Revan_333] [Member]

[rmth98] [Member]

[extraice9] [Member]

[Zenzon101] [Trial Member]

[old_survivor] [Trial Member]

[Wolfenman1013] [Trial Member]

[RageLasting] [Trial Member]

[Rixopod] [Trial Member]

[9 free slots]




Re: Is there a real list of potions we can or can't use

Robbietalk | 19/10/2013

Yes, there is a list of the potions Doctors and medics can use in the rules, it is the short one which you say you have seen. I'm not sure why you don't consider that a valid list?

Re: Re: Is there a real list of potions we can or can't use

Zen | 20/10/2013

Idk I've just seen people with more then those potions so I'm a little conffused? Just so you know Robbie I posted this before I asked you so sorry if it bugged you to ask twice.

Re: Re: Re: Is there a real list of potions we can or can't use

Robbietalk | 22/10/2013

The list is of the standard potions that a Doctor/Medic can use, but there are a few occasional exceptions for Doctors who are VERY trusted, and who have been on the server for long enough.
There are also certain potions which barkeepers can use.


rmth98 | 07/10/2013

IT has re-created it's army, and marches east towards Ader! an entire paladin legion confronted it to hold IT back, however IT's army proved to much, among the fallen was high lady Elizabeth. the paladins are without leadership, low on supplies, and being chased by an army, remaining paladin forces will arrive in Ader in a few months ( MC time), however they will arrive with an army on its tails. news of this has been sent to all to prepare for the onslaught to come...

the darkness

zenzon101 | 07/10/2013

i've heard about it but cant really get an idea of what its about what is the source of the darkness and what is its goal. like is it suppose to just destroy stuff. what is the darknesses story behind it.

Why can't I get on?

Zenzon101 | 05/10/2013

Hey Robbie why is the server saying I'm not on the whitelist

Re: Why can't I get on?

Midget [Admin] | 05/10/2013

The reason for not being able to join the server is because you are a "Trial Member" which means you can only get on the server when the Owner or Admins are on to enable the "Trial Members"

i would love this server if i could join

zenzon101 | 04/10/2013

it sounds from the comments that this site is awesome i hope i get to be on it.

stormbreaker hold

rmth98 | 29/09/2013

[ this might seem like spam, im inactive on the comments for so long, and then three posts in a row?!?] the paladins have recently noted an increase in strange activity on the isle of Brisbane, as such knight commander ryan has commissioned for a small keep to be established to deal with the presence, it shall be named stormbreaker hold due to the many storms that plague Brisbane.

Re: stormbreaker hold

rmth98 | 01/10/2013

CALAMITY! the paladins have found an immediate threat in another form far across the continent that ader rests upon, immediate funding has been turned away from stormbreaker hold! knight commander Ryan asks for further funding from outside possibilities, namely a sir 'Don Antonio' in return for funding to this Brisbane expedition, he offers research possibilities with a guaranteed protection detail.

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24/09/2013 18:57
Odervon now uses the IP Apologies for any inconvenience.

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