Odervon is a unique, Minecraft, RPG.

We are a small server, as we prefer quality over quantity. 



Odervon's focus is not on combat. Rather, it focuses on letting players be a character, rather than just use their character's tools and weapons.


The difficulty is Hard with monsters and natural health regen off, so although you have to take care to keep a good food supply, and work to get "medication", you won't be interrupted by monsters while trying to Roleplay.



IP: Offline


Email: odervon@hotmail.com






[Robbietalk] [Server Owner]

[Ajnin123] [Admin]

[Midget321] [Admin]

[debugman18] [Member]

[Tambien_Sinclair] [Member]

[Revan_333] [Member]

[rmth98] [Member]

[extraice9] [Member]

[Zenzon101] [Trial Member]

[old_survivor] [Trial Member]

[Wolfenman1013] [Trial Member]

[RageLasting] [Trial Member]

[Rixopod] [Trial Member]

[9 free slots]





rmth98 | 03/08/2013

I won't be on for a week or so, merely an update post on my activities.

Re: activity

Robbietalk | 03/08/2013

Okay, thanks for letting us know :)


rmth98 | 28/07/2013

hi! you may or may not remember me, but I built terran hold, I finally got my minecraft working again, and tried to log in, it said I wasn't whitelisted, I was wondering if there was a reason to this?

Re: connectivity

rmth98 | 28/07/2013

I answered my own question by taking a look around the page, so one problem out of the way. hoping perhaps you remember me regardless! if you don't that's alright too.

Re: Re: connectivity

Midget [Admin] | 28/07/2013

That's fine Robbie will put you on the whitelist.


Revan_333 | 17/05/2013

Hey! I was just here to say that I wont be able to go on all the time this month due to work, and educational reasons. Hopefully you keep me as a trial member!

Re: Myself

Robbietalk | 18/05/2013

That's fine, thanks for letting me know, and I hope that you manage to find a bit of spare time for us ;)


Revan_333 | 05/05/2013

I am wondering if the server is still working, cause there looks to be no buddy on it at the time...

Re: Server

Robbietalk | 05/05/2013

Yes, the server is working fine, I am glad to say :)

have i been accepted?

mr_master4ever | 27/04/2013

ive seen the e-mail but i didnt understand can you make it clearer?


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