Odervon is a unique, Minecraft, RPG.

We are a small server, as we prefer quality over quantity. 



Odervon's focus is not on combat. Rather, it focuses on letting players be a character, rather than just use their character's tools and weapons.


The difficulty is Hard with monsters and natural health regen off, so although you have to take care to keep a good food supply, and work to get "medication", you won't be interrupted by monsters while trying to Roleplay.



IP: Offline


Email: odervon@hotmail.com






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[Ajnin123] [Admin]

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[Revan_333] [Member]

[rmth98] [Member]

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Re: Re: Re: The map

( rmth98 ) | 29/10/2014

it wasn't quite directed at -me- but in my opinion, some of those ideas are good, note I say some and not all.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The map

( rmth98 ) | 30/10/2014

I also had an idea, baring you didn't already come up with a story, perhaps the new map is 600-700 years in the future, and that's why the forest is bigger, and ( possibly ) older, and why some buildings no longer exist.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The map

Robbietalk | 31/10/2014

Some interesting ideas here, especially the thought of it being in the future rather than the past.
I'll have to think about this, thanks for the input guys :D

New map...

( rmth98 ) | 08/10/2014

So, I've been wondering for a while. you've said your remaking the map, and I need to know if I will be starting terran over again? or if it will be copy/pasted, or if that's being converted into the new map. no pressure on answering, but I would care to know.

Re: New map...

Robbietalk | 09/10/2014

It'll be a completely fresh start, with only a few buildings around.

Re: Re: New map...

( rmth98 ) | 10/10/2014

my, oh my. well, I await the challenge then!

Maybe being able to get on more often?

Zen | 04/10/2014

Hey Robbie if you are makeing a whole bunch of new trial members would you mind if I became a member since I've been with the server for at least a year just wondering it would make getting on the server a lot easier with my schedule.

Re: Maybe being able to get on more often?

Robbietalk | 06/10/2014

Hey Zen. As has already been explained, the server is not online, I'll make a proper news post about it when it's back up.
I might also make some progress updates as I make the map.

Just passing by! I'm a university student now!

Revan_333 | 14/09/2014

Hey everyone! Long time no talk, its been wow.... maybe a couple of months since I've last been on here but I still love this community and the server! Just wanted to let you guys know that I will probably be back on-line whenever the new map goes up! Also, I am attending a university here in Canada for Aerospace Engineering so I might not have all the time in the world! Hope to see you all again:


Re: Just passing by! I'm a university student now!

Robbietalk | 15/09/2014

Heya! Glad to hear you haven't fallen out with us ;D.
Good to hear you'll be around, although it'll probly be a while before the map is up.
Hope the university course goes well, you enjoying it so far? :D

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