Downtime Update #3

25/11/2013 19:09





After a lot of fiddling, troubleshooting, trial & error, and ragequitting, I've got this working properly. I think.

It seems to be accurate most of the time, and it seems to be able to cope with the player chucking a lot of money into it very quickly. 


The redstone signal had been staying on for too short of a time for the clock to turn the command block on the correct number of times, but I accidentally fixed it by moving the clock a few blocks further away from the rest of the machine. 

I really don't know why that fixed it, but whatever, the short legth of the redstone signal may have been a bug.

Or it may have been because, for some reason unknown to man, I was building this behind a giant statue of Etho...


Shall I just shut up and get back to work?



rmth98 | 28/12/2013

dear lord, not MORE redstone bugs! as if I don't have enough of them in my single player world!

Re: redstone...

Robbietalk | 29/12/2013

Well, don't just stamp on them, put them in your compost heap to help break down the waste :P


Dr Antonio | 27/11/2013

Remember to watch your language lol just joking, offer still stands for a limited time only!

Re: Woah!

Robbietalk | 01/12/2013

I was incorrect, this thing is still only semi-functional, so if you see an email from me soon, you know what it's about... :P

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