Downtime Update #4

12/03/2014 14:35

So, I thought I should make a proper aritcle explaining what's going on with the hosting problems.


Some of you guys seem to have got the impression that I'm finding it hard to find any hosts willing to be of use to me. While I do really appreciate how eager you are to help, it's not hard to find a host, no matter how tiny -or nonexistant, even- your community is. It's simply a case of trudging through the hundreds of bland and similar hosts, reading reviews, comparing value, etc (so do still tell me if you do see a host that looks very impressive... :P).

The reason it's taking me so long, is because a fairly new VPS hosting company caught my eye, and I decided to give them a go.


While they are AMAZING value, and they have pretty decent customer support, problems with the VPS, or with Multicraft, keep coming up. There's been at least 5 times when it's all looked fine, and I've started to get the server ready to be opened up, when another error has suddenly sprung up out of nowhere.

Assuming that they can make this thing stay working for more than half an hour, I'll keep using them for now, and open up the server, and then I'll either start looking around some more for a more reliable, but worse value, bland, and less flexible hosting company, or I'll work on getting the server into a more polished condition, if I decide to stay with this company.


Any Success bud?

Don Antonio (Revan_333) | 28/03/2014

So how is the problem solving going? I know man, it can be long. I remember when I was trying to get my PIC85 working in computer tech course, we planned for it to be built in one month. lol It was completed in three

Re: Any Success bud?

Robbietalk | 28/03/2014

It's going well now, apparently the last issue was just a Minecraft quirk, so it won't take long to finish getting it all ready now :D

Re: Re: Any Success bud?

Don Antonio (Revan_333) | 28/03/2014



Highlord Ryan ( rmth98 ) | 23/03/2014

I had the most wonderful idea to add a bit of 'spice' to the server.
you clearly state that magic is not allowed, but races? what about them, something like dwarves and elves, again minus magic, it is an interesting concept, and while ultimately its up to you, I think it would be a great idea.

Re: Races...

Robbietalk | 23/03/2014

Will you call me racist if I say no? :P
Anyway, that is an idea, and not a bad one if human remains the main race. If we do add this, I think we should make up more interesting, unique races, rather than going with the usual guys.
Anyway, I'll bear it in mind :)

Re: Re: Races...

Highlord Ryan ( rmth98 ) | 24/03/2014

Racist? certainly not, I'm remaining human. and YEAH! I had a good idea! >:D I will become the next genius!
err.. maybe not....

For You! Yes... you there! The one in the stripped shirt!

Don Antonio (Revan_333) | 19/03/2014

Yassou bud, So any new news? :P

Re: For You! Yes... you there! The one in the stripped shirt!

Robbietalk | 20/03/2014

The one in the what shirt? :P
Not really, I'm just trying to work out how to get Odervon's world file to work on the server. I don't know why it's a problem, but it is.

To Revan :P

Robbietalk | 16/03/2014

Hm, it seems that the server works properly as long as I don't allow it to use much RAM...
If I give it too much RAM, it summons that 'ghost' and everything breaks :P

Re: To Revan :P

Don Antonio (Revan_333) | 16/03/2014

That's an odd problem, How much RAM can keep the ghost away? :P

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