New Map & Early Progress

13/10/2014 20:10

So, you probably all know that my stupidly cheap host went down the drain. Probably because they were stupidly cheap.

I expect you also know that I've decided to make a new map for Odervon, as, the original is honestly just a messy, vauge outline of what I originally wanted, with the only redeeming quality being that a few cool buildings are thrown on it.


I also want a fresh start in the gameplay, though, as the server had, to be honest, lost a lot of focus, at best it was usually little more than some building, and even that was a little messed up, as I'd made some mistakes which made the currency far too common from very early on.

And also, vanilla terrain doesn't really fit what I want, although I'll go a bit more into detail about why that is some other time, but I do have some pretty cool features planned...


Anyway, for a little while I didn't really make much progress. To be honest, I was burnt out from Minecraft, and I needed a break from it. And also, I was trying to make the terrain from a blank canvas, without anything to start me off.

So, I took a break, but recently I've started to get properly into making the map.


First off, I went through a tonload of large-biome maps for terrain samples. I used large biomes, as normal terrain generally just has a stupid little bit of terrain with almost no detail, and then the biome suddenly ends, and that's it, which is kinda okay for normal gameplay, but it's totally useless for a baseplate. 

After I found some terrain that was good for the main theme of the map, I went into MCEdit, selected a good portion of it, used the fill and replace tool to remove all the trees (I have plans for the forests which MCEdit makes easy to do), and then copied the land to the blank canvas-world I had prepared earlier.

I've now started working on expanding and crafting the terrain, which is much, much easier when you have something to work off.

I've got a screenshot of some of it here, and you can also in the distance see a tiny bit of the ex-vanilla terrain, which on it's own is actually quite nice:


Obviously, there's a lot of work to do, this is just a rough layout, and the vanilla terrain also needs a fair bit of work on it, but it's going somewhere, and at a decent pace.


If you guys have suggestions, I'd be interested to hear, feel free to shoot me an email, but please don't shoot me a bullet :D


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