Server Downtime

13/11/2013 17:50




The hosting company that Odervon uses (Shard Gaming) has ceased trading (I assume that a deadline for a debt they had to pay was suddenly pushed forward, leaving them without enough time to get the funds to pay it off).


The save file for Odervon is now safely on my HDD, but the closure of S.G. means that Odervon is no longer online.

I'm not sure when I will be able to get Odervon back online, especially as I do not know of any other good server hosting companies. 

Please keep in touch via the website's comments and/or Odervon's email!



Robbietalk | 13/11/2013

Well, this sucks!
The email I got from Shard Gaming gave me a mini heart attack :P.
Anyway, we can at least chat away on here still.

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