Update Changelog

23/08/2013 18:52

The server has a new update, which includes these major changes:

  • Health no longer regenerates naturally
  • Health and regen potions can be used, but access to them is restricted to doctors, who may sell or give them to other players.
  • Nausea potions can now be used, but access to them is restricted to Bar keepers and Innkeepers, who may sell or give them to other players.
  • Enchanted books may now be used if bought from the "Supply Store for Blacksmiths", but only Blacksmiths are allowed access to that store.
  • Tom Blob has changed his surname to "Billmer".
  • Tom has now got a brother (who also has the surname "Billmer") named Jerry.
  • Tom & Jerry will wander around the town. If they enter your store, you may sell some of your store's products to them, but you may not sell to them if they are not within your store.
  • There is now a stall from which you can buy Horsecare products in the Wolf Kingdom's market/smithy, included in this stall are saddles (which cost 64 gold and 2 diamonds due to their being rare) and also Iron horse armour (which costs 64 gold ingots and 4 diamonds, again, due to it's being rare), Wheat, and other horse related products.
  • There have also been some other more minor changes, including smaller additions to the Wolf Kingdom's market/smithy, and small changes to various buildings.

The server should be back online with these changes sometime tomorrow.



Midget [Admin] | 23/08/2013

Robbie i'll need to change my role as my store won't be any use will we are in UHC Mode so ill be changing my Role to a Doctor if thats ok with you


Tambien | 23/08/2013

I can't wait to find a horse and continue my supply trips with a trusty steed! Yeehaw!

WOO! Efakristo (Thanks) from Greece

Revan_333 | 23/08/2013

Hey guys :P Its Revan here, just want to Yassou (Hello) and thanks for this update, I cant wait to be back on the server! Funny thing actually but right now at 21:08, I had time to go on the server but coincidentally you guys were preforming the update, better sooner then later! BTW You have to remind me about donating cause Im gonna forget again lol

Re: WOO! Efakristo (Thanks) from Greece

Robbietalk | 23/08/2013

xD Sorry about that :P

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