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26/03/2014 17:15



After Shard Gaming (AKA Daddycheese) went bust, I found that there were various ingame problems I had to fix in Odervon. These took quite a while to fix. After, I had to spend a while looking around for a new host, which took a couple of weeks.

Then, there were a load of control panel issues that my new host had to fix.

And THEN, there were issues with Odervon's world file that took me a LOT of time to...Fail to fix. 


It was a couple of days ago, I did for a third (?) time what I had first done: replace the world the server had created with Odervon's save.

...And that fixed it.

According to one of our trial members, this is a fairly common Minecraft server quirk. I obviously don't change out the worlds often enough :P


I'm really sorry about how long this all took. 


Anyway. Here is the short (and hopefully complete) changelog:


  • Removed most of the custom villagers
  • Added stores that use Command Blocks
  • Added a new Bank, that accepts gold ingots & nuggets, which it will turn into a "virtual" currency, that can be used with the new stores
  • Updated some of the rules
  • Did a little "behind the scenes" work, that should be finished & usable soon
  • New IP:
  • Increased player slots

The changes made to the shops mean that Odervon now relies more on player made shops than it did previously. I recommend that you setup your shop so that it can be used when you are away, it doesn't need to be complex, it can just be a simple setup like Midget has, where you put the prices on signs, put the items in chests, and provide a hopper to drop the Gold into.


The server may need to have more memory at some point, which will be possible give it without much, if any downtime, but if the server needs a lot of restarts for a little while, that's why.


Odervon has had a pre-Alpha (while it was developed by me and one or two admins, such as Ajnin123), an Alpha (which Ryan/rmth was part of), and it is now, and has for some time been, in Beta. I will probably work on something more complete, but it'll be quite a while before anyone even sees a screenshot of it, so don't hold your breath...



Hopefully I'll see you all ingame soon! ;D



For those of you interested, my new host is Bit Cloud Solutions. They're amazingly good value if you're looking for a VPS, and can put up with a few teething problems. If you want them to install a control panel, then I strongly recommend that you ask for MineOS rather than Multicraft. Multicraft is slightly easier, but very restrictive and buggy.



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It's up again!

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