Breaking these rules could easily get you banned


  • Do not be rude, offensive, or make "suggestive" jokes.
  • Do not swear.
  • Do not grief. If you have a friend on here who you know will not take it seriously, then you can do minor "pranks" to them, but nothing that will take a lot of cleaning up.
  • Do not use magic (E.g., enchanting, a character who is a wizard, potions, etc. Anvils are not considered magic, and as later noted there are some exeptions). We want this RPG to be diffrent, most RPGs damage themselves by focusing on comabt and magic.
  • Do not harm a player's Wolf or Cat intentionally.
  • Do not harm a Villager intentionally.
  • You can only use the Nether and/or End if it is for a Roleplay related purpouse, and has been both setup and approved by an Admin.
  • You can break a few blocks of a structure if you think that breaking them is the key to opening up a secret room that was intended for players to find. You must replace the blocks afterwards.
  • You may not take books out of a library. If you want to be able to take a book out with you, ask an Admin to give you a copy of it. If you want to put a book in the library, but keep the original, again, an Admin can do that for you.
  • Health and regen potions can be used for medication, but the ability to use the "Medical Supply Store" is restricted to players whose character is a Doctor.
  • Nausea potions may be used as 'alchahol', but the ability to use "The Supply Shop For Barkeepers" is restricted to players who have characters who are Bar or Inn keepers.
  • Enchanted books can be used to apply upgrades to tools via an anvil, but only the books sold by the villagers in the "Supply store for Blacksmiths" may be used, and only players who have characters who are either blacksmiths or craftsmen may use the "Supply Store For Blacksmiths" You may not use an enchanting table, no matter what your character is.
  • Tom And Jerry Billmer (Tom wears green, Jerry wears purple) are Testificate "brothers" who roam aound the town and enter buildings which have wooden doors. You may sell something to them if they wander into your store, but you may only sell a few items to them per visit, and you may not sell anything to them if they are not in your store.
  • Use common sense.